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Thinking about a new job?

Generalisations admittedly but on the money for the majority of people.
  • We don’t like being judged.
  • We don’t like being put on the spot.
  • We don’t like being scrutinised.
  • We have an aversion to the unknown.
Looking forward to that interview now?
Deep breath...
Let’s turn the tables for a moment.

The interviewer is tasked to identify the best person to join their organisation.
A responsibility with inherent risk as interviewing is probably not their day job.
  • How many hours will they be torn away from the business sat interviewing unprepared candidates?
  • A poor decision will directly impact on 1. the business 2. the carefully balanced team dynamic 3. next years bonus 4. their credibility.
And the real kicker?
  • They’ll have to start interviewing again
When you look at it like that, the candidate has the best seat.

Well matched and engaged candidates will find the interview a positive experience, successful or not.
You will have a clear understanding of the role and organisation, you will be excited by the opportunity to join the business, you can see where you will be able to
  • Engage
  • Learn
  • Contribute
  • Develop
  • Progress
At whatever level, a well matched candidate should have a few nerves. That’s a good sign, it means that you want it.

That’s what a good recruitment process should feel like.

You may not even get the job but you will come out of the other side better at interviews and more attuned to your career path.

See the interview is an opportunity to look at yourself and learn, (with someone else) something we don’t often have the time or courage to do.